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Dungeon Dude Fan Art

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Hey guys, I just wanna get some things said that need to be said:

First off, as late as it is, I just want to say thanks for the birthday wishes from Nyxson AVA-1966 and Arctic-Master ; I'm sorry it took me long to respond back; I've recently had one thing of bad news after another, not to mention that my short lived job as a gas station minion messed up my work at college and I was barely able to pass.

I also want to give some shouts to curtsibling and Gruntchovski for adding me to their watch as I've did for them; I'm kinda surprised that you did, but I am grateful that you did so regardless of intention. I'll do what I can to show some support for you guys as I much as possible.

And now for some news regarding past events:
Now, I've been trying to avoid using the journal page since my last entry due to me venting shit from two years ago instead of actually making updates about Dungeon Dude and other projects relevant. I really had no intention of dwelling on the past more than the here and now like a disgruntled Care Bear we've always joked about.
That being said, I'm going to be a little more optimistic despite how rough of a year it has been.

I'm sure that some of you are well aware that I've uploaded Chapter 4 of Dungeon Dude and the Magickal Stones of Magick! after the many announcements that I was going to only show 5-6 pages as a preview for hard copies being sold on KaBlam!, but that actually had put me in a much larger financial pit than before due to a fixed income that may end up getting cut off next year; since this month, I've been trying to look for a job to be able to support myself and my comic, all while getting college out of the way little-by-little.

I'm also as aware as you are about the recent changes to DeviantArt: The Nazi-esque logo, the new front-page feed, and a helluva lotta pretentiousness with the DeviantArt community; it's gotten extremely uptight that I can't even see Kevin Bolk's webcomics anymore (yes, I do read his comics) on the front page; though thankfully, I'm not looking at Andrew Dobson's rantings anymore, that's beside the point.

The point is that I almost didn't want to submit any of my comic pages on DeviantArt in particular, due to it being overrun by fanart of things that are WAY overdone *cough* Frozen and MLP *cough*, photos that people would find on Flickr, stuff ripped off from Photobucket, Sonic OC's that are apparently too valuable to steal *scoff*, and most of all, corporate sponsorship; if there's any reason why this site is losing the "Deviant" in "DeviantArt," it's mostly because of over-zealous censorship the site has to do in order to be in good standing with the corporate monkeys so they can host events and contests, giving opportunities to a general audience to display their work. That's good for them, but a pain in the ass for the rest of us who would rather draw busty elves and Megaskanks and not give a shit about what others think.

I want to leave DeviantArt in an act of clouded judgement of resentment and woe, but what's the point in running? My readership for Dungeon Dude actually started with this website 2 years ago when it was Legends of Merith, and at that same time I've used as the main outlet for the webcomic, but despite that, it has a severely short following compared to other accounts such as DeviantArt, Facebook, and Twitter, yet I really have no intention in offing that account either.

To cut to the chase, Chapter 4 is more than likely going to be the last Chapter you'll see on DeviantArt; Chapter 5 is going to happen, but you'll see preview images of each page with a link below. As far as the last 4 chapters go, I might keep them on here unless there's a way of being able to do something similar.

I really am grateful for your support, and I also wanna thank LaVioletta for giving me the privilege of being a contributor to Genre-Toons since I've started doing this project for 2 straight years.

Again, Dungeon Dude will continue as long as someone's doing it, preferably me.

Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease!
Danger Carnie

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